Jimbo's Story

Jimbo’s Jerky is the highest quality and best tasting beef jerky on the market! We began making jerky in 1999 as a hobby. Encouraged by the compliments of friends and family, we now sell our jerky nationwide. 

Based in Buffalo, New York, Jimbo’s Jerky is attempting to redefine the dried meat market. 

Jimbo himself has perfected the marinade and technique for producing the worlds best tasting beef jerky. The top secret family recipe has been passed down to his son who works alongside Jimbo, personally hand-slicing, marinating, and drying each batch by hand. 

After years as a father and son team, Jimbo Jr. oversees the business and carries on the family jerky tradition.

The quality of Jimbo's Jerky can’t be matched. This high protein snack is packed with flavor and highly addictive!

We keep it simple, and let the meat do the talking.

So whether you're hunting for a low carb beef jerky to be your go-to snack or just need a delicious, portable source of protein; you’ve found it here. 

Pick up a bag of Jimbo’s Jerky and taste Jimbo’s meat… you won’t be disappointed.


The Meat
We begin with USDA Prime Top Round Beef.
100% beef 100% of the time.
High quality meat makes high quality jerky.
The Prep
The meat is hand trimmed and sliced to ensure consistency and quality in every bag. The final product is the perfect balance of smoke, flavor, and chew.
The Marinade and Seasonings
Developed and perfected over the course of 20 years, 
Jimbo's secret marinade contains only
fresh ingredients and spices.
Jimbo NEVER uses any artificial colorings, flavorings, or
preservatives like big box jerky companies;
Jimbo hates that crap.
The Packaging
Once the meat marinades overnight; the jerky is portioned,
packaged, and carefully sealed
for absolute freshness.